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My Ramblings: If WAS survivor - by SLing

My Ramblings: If WAS survivor

(Please note: This article was made on a day when I was extremley board and falcon was bugging us in #starmen to write articles.)

It's that time again. Yes, it's the time when everyones favorite reality show, survivor, is on again. But... What if the staffers had a game of survivor? Who would win? I hope to answer this in this article.

First of all, the contestants. 16 staffers, all of them willing to be humiliated in front of the majority of There are no tribes. There is no immunity. Who will win?

Now we need a list of staffers. Hmm... reidman, Tomato, diospadre, LousySpy, Ourumov, Skulryk, Poo, EBounding, Jeb2, Falcon24, Luna, Plo, Yourmamasmama, icEFusioN, Aquas and Giovanni sounds good.

First to go would probably be reidman. Of course, he's the webmaster and all... Which makes him more of a threat. Next, Tomato. He's also a webmaster. diospadre would probably hide and manipulate people to not vote for him, but he'd probably go off third. Yourmamasmama would follow, since he's the oldest one of the group. (He IS a grandma, afterall.)

Now there is 12 left. The game is getting more intense. Jeb2 would be kicked off, not voted off, for not doing much of anything. Ourumov would be after him, for the exact same reason. Skulryk would be kicked out next, not because he isn't doing anything, just because he can't do anything with his job. The eighth person to go would be Poo... since Nobody sends him content.

Now there is some fierce competetion going on. Plo would be voted out for his non-updates on HARD trivia first. Then Luna would follow, just because you can't have EASY trivia without HARD trivia. icEFusioN would be next, since nobody really votes on his polls. Finally, EBounding would be voted out since he doesn't really have much content to update with most of the time, since nobody wants to submit.

Now we're at the final four. Aquas, being the "Sue" of the group would go first. LousySpy, being the "Rudy" he is, would get voted out next just for no reason at all. It's down to the final two. The jury gets in place. They are about to vote, WHEN...

Giovanni bribes everyone to vote for him. Falcon loses the votes 7-0. Of course, a lawsuit ensues with Falcon taking 98% of giovannis assets and him retiring from forever.

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