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The Ness Paula Connection - by Dr. Cheese

The Ness Paula Connection

Hello. I am Dr. Cheese, the little known EB player that has been slithering amongst the EB community. Sly as a fox with a five-o'clock shadow. Quick as a cat with slow reflexes. Unnoticed as an unnoticed�thing. Now, to the point! I haven't played EB0 myself, but that won't stop me! MWAHAHAHA! Sorry, I got a little carried away. I have a question for those who have played. I have read that an alien abducted Maria and George, but George managed to escape with information on PSI. He immediately began studying it and learned special powers. These powers were passed on to his grandson, Ness. Now here is my question. If George had to obtain this information from aliens then how did Ana/Paula have these special abilities too? The only possible ways she could have gained these powers is if:

1. Someone in her family was an alien with these powers.

2. Someone in her family also learned these abilities from an alien or George.

3. She went through training similar to Poo's.

4. She was somehow related to Ness. (Maria and George may have had more than one daughter/son. George left one of his children with a close friend to prevent them from being attacked Gigue. The child he left with his friend was one of Ana's/Paula's parents.)

Just one more question. Which of his parents passed the PSI powers onto Ness, his mother or his father? As I said before, I never played Earthbound0. So if these answers are somewhere in the game please e-mail me at [email protected] and tell me.

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Dr. Cheese The Ness Paula Connection
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