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It Was Ness, Dave... - by PokeboyAsh

It Was Ness, Dave...

Hello Dave... I know I've miss behaved.. It wasn't me Dave.. It was Ness.. Yes, Dave. Ness, he is the most power in the Smash Bros. Game.

Yep! You heard HAL 9000 right! (Pun intended) Ness, is indeed the most powerful character in Smash Bros. How? You ask. Because Ness contains the most powerful moves in the game. If you don't know what they are I'll let you know. PK Thunder and PSI Magnet. I also believe he has Teleport, but I've just recently got to try him. As I played through Smash Bros. As Ness, I began to find out how powerful he really is. For instance, when I first beat the game it was with Pikachu, and I was barley able to beat it on NORMAL mode but when I played it through with Ness, on the harder levels it was to me, surprisingly easier to make it through the game.

The fact that Ness is so powerful surprises me, even though the game is made by HAL I assumed that seeing Pokémon is the most popular thing going, that Pikachu and Jigglypuff would be strongest. How wrong I was. In reality, Pikachu is decent but Jigglypuff, well.. Is kinda useless.

Unfortunately, I've failed to see Nintendo do a vote on the most popular characters in the game. Which, to me would be a good idea seeing most people would probably pick Ness as their favorite. And thus, would show the big "N" that there is still strong interest in the EarthBound series.

In conclusion, Smash Bros. is a huge victory for EarthBound fans all over. It shows that HAL or Nintendo for that matter, haven't given up on EarthBound.


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