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The Weekly Eminations of sTiNkY_gHoSt: Part One - by sTiNkY_gHoSt

The Weekly Eminations of sTiNkY_gHoSt: Part One

Now that I've finally broken into the great, big world of article-writing here at, I've tasted the glory of having people read my articles...I mean, felt the pride of accomplishing, I'll stick with the first one. I love writing and having people read it. And I love getting some positive/negative feedback on what I do. So I've decided that I will now attempt, like so many others, to keep a weekly column running with various ideas and/or thoughts relating to EB (using 3 OR MORE paragraphs; sorry Falcon, forgot to hit space once or twice on that last one...but you updated my article late, so we're even). Anyway, I hope you people will read my articles, enjoy them, send me feedback, and send my self-esteem through the roof.

For my first installment, I'd like to discuss an enemy from EB...Putrid Moldy Man. But where to start with this weird guy? He's yellow and green, with a Gonzo-like nose, in a trash can, holding a flower...where in the wourld could he have possibly come from? And who is he? What is his story? And why is he holding the #$%@ flower?!

At first, I thought it was some type of alien...perhaps landed around the time of the meteor. He comes from a giant trash planet, like that one in the Transformers movie. He and his brethren have come from afar, at the beckon of Giygas, to wreak havoc upon Ness and his friends. But then, that theory seemed a bit too easy, and not nearly as entertaining as what I later devised.

Putrid Moldy Man lives in the sewers underneath Fourside (a.k.a "New York City"). He's dirty and smelly, living in a trash can...then it hit me. He's nothing more than a homeless person, another man driven out of business to poverty by Geldegarde Monotoli. With nowhere left to turn, he hides in the sewers. And from fighting Plague Rat of Doom, we all know how nasty those sewers are. Due to the dampness, he found a nice dry garbage can to reside in. His color, he obtained from the gunk contained therein. So, overall, he's just nasty and homeless...but we can't hold that against him, can we? Well yes, he attacks you any chance he gets, with his beady little eyes protruding from underneath the lid, watching your every move...

But some may be saying, "What about that flower you mentioned?" Well, I even figured that out...being homeless, put out by old Monotoli, he has to make enough money to get a cappucino from Jackie's. So when he attacks, he's not really attacking, just trying to sell you a flower for a buck to get his daily caffeine fix. So you're really defeating a poor, defenseless homeless man who is just trying to make a living.

Well, I believe I've eminated enough for this week. I hope everyone enjoys my stuff. I'll try to update regularly (...*ahem*), maybe more if possible. So, if you read this, give me some feedback and I'll love you forever.

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