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The True Story Of Mother? - by Doctor Stupid

The True Story Of Mother?

(Cited from my post at GameFAQS as MonkeyMan9, my account there):

These are only pieces I brought together into one pile... so here I go...

In Mother, Ninten discovers that things are amiss (much like Mother 2). He finds notes to a song which a person plays and Magicant disappears. Magicant was made by the conciousness of Mary (Or Ness). Here are phrases from Gieuge in a Mother faq from the faq section:

You've finally come face to face with the creature that has started it all. As he goes through a dialog, he does "inexplicable attacks" to the entire party. These can be devastating, so hopefully you've brought plenty of replenishing items.

The dialog of Giegue:

"Ninten! I am grateful to your family. Your Great-Grandparents, George and Maria raised me. But, George stole vital information from our planet that can be used to betray my people... And now, one of his descendants is obstructing our plans, and must be stopped!! Ninten!I am talking about you! Go home now! Perish with the rest of the ugly Earth People. Foolish one, you cannot do a thing with your meager powers... Powers worthy of a lowly insect. Ninten! You alone, I may save you. Just you alone. Board our Mother Ship with me. ...then, fall into long sleep with your friends and the other ugly Earth People."

After his speech, Giegue will just keep attacking. It seems impossible to beat him! CHECKing him:

"(Ness hears the voice of Queen Mary) Giegue cannot be defeated with force...You cannot defeat Giegue with a weapon of any kind. You must SING my lullaby, with all your feelings...SING my lullaby with all your heart."

Of course! And an option has appeared in the menu, SING. SING about 9-10, while one character keeps the party alive. Eventually, Giegue knows it's hopeless to carry on:

"Stop singing. STOP singing! STOP! Stop the song! STOP IT!! STOP THAT SONG! You puny little Earth bugs! Shut up, and STOP singing!! The SONG... STOP IT!!! !!!!! Stop... Pleeease, stop! !!!!!!! ........ How could I be defeated by a song like that? I will... sometime... Ninten! We SHALL meet again!"

... and finally, it's all over. Or is it?


So Giygas is really Giuege. So basically Gieuge's pure sanity had been destroyed with that song and had been from another planet. So Mother 2 begins with Ness as a descendant from Ninten. Since Ninten must've known about Giygas, he had to disguise himself in a faraway place and give Ness advice via telephone and help him on his journey. Ninten is also the remaining suspect to be the Apple of Enlightenment because he is the only one who truly knew Gieuge. The reason why Pokey used the Devil's Machine was to control Gieuge's sanity. With a leash, Pokey could've used Gieuge to destroy his former friends and then control the world. The reason why Pokey turned into a madman was because of the Mani Mani statue. The robots from Mother 1 are Starmen, people from the evil future. Buzz Buzz could've been Ninten or simply a messenger to warn Ness. Back on track, Pokey could've gotten greedy or suspicous about Gieuge's power so he turned off the machine, letting Gieuge lose what he had left. His utter insanity had destroyed his body, and so he wanted to wreak revenge on Ninten (or in his view, Ness). How Gieuge got into the past is unknown, but he must've used PSI to do it. By being in the past, he could control the past, future, and present. Ness foils his plans, but it was to be explained in Mother 3... But sadly never happened.

Good proof?

Oh yeah, and why Gieuge was always talking about Ness is that he wanted pure revenge over him and that song that his sanity broke down and all he was obsessed about was killing Ninten. The eyeball of him was in the form of Ninten, not Ness.

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