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The Giygas' Hierarchy - by Toaster

The Giygas' Hierarchy

Giygas, the ultimate evil. From his pod in Mother One, to his Devil's Machine in Mother Two, he has been the final adversary. Giygas is able to transcend space and time along with each of his minions. Yet, how could have Giygas have 'banished all to the horror of eternal darkness' ten years after Earthbound if Ness was destined to succeed? Giygas and Giegue, although the same alien leader, are two stages into the depths of insanity and infinite power.

Before Giygas lost his mind, he was Giegue. Possibly a child, lover, or friend of Maria. Giegue's goal was to complete what his race had failed to do a millennia ago according to the Scaraba Hieroglyph. Although the Ancient Scarabans claimed they had failed in their defense against the cosmic destroyers, it seems that the alien race had failed as well. In the 1900's Giegue had started a spy mission, probably to set up a base like Earthbound's Stonehenge, or to begin thrusting the planet into chaos. Two humans were kidnapped for completely unknown reasons. These two people, Maria and George, caused the beginning of the end for Giegue's alien race. Although the two were freed form the aliens' clutches, they seems to have been horrified at what they had seen, and never discussed it. In the 1980's the attack began. The Starmen and their psychic energies disrupted the world causing a great change to occur. Animals and hippies ran amok. A hero was then discovered. Somehow, this young boy in a red cap was chosen. Of course he succeeds in ending the attack, but fails to destroy Giegue.

At this point Giegue is angry beyond conception and disgraced, the aliens never failed to this degree before! Giegue becomes obsessed with defeating the child in the red cap, so much so he losses his mind, and becomes Giygas. At this point, time means nothing, Giygas cannot wait another millennia, he is ready NOW! He instead attacks the future, and another era, an era without a chosen one. This is Ness's era. Giygas remembers that as Giegue, when he had a body, and had not consumed the cosmos, he said he would face the hero again.

Although Giygas is pure evil, and has no mind, he is not the idiot Pokey makes him out to be. Giygas knows the chosen one will appear before him. He even returns to the past, to make it easier for the boy. Instead, he encounters someone else, Ness. Ness is the era's 'chosen one' and with Buzz Buzz's help, he begins his quest. However a type of paradox occurs. Giygas succeeds in destroying the world, but he still had not gotten revenge. Buzz Buzz and the Apple of enlightenment were created out of Giygas' need to have his revenge, and Ness was discovered. But neither the Apple of Enlightenment, Giygas, or Ness had counted on Pokey.

At some point between when Pokey is punished for the rest of the decade, and when you see him again in Happy Happy Village, he becomes an ally of Giygas. Ness goes on his quest, and ends up back in the mysterious cave in the Deep Darkness, a place with the funkiest music in the game. Of course, the four children are hurled into the past and face Giygas. We all know that Giygas once again falters at beauty, faith, and hope, and simply fades away. Funny thing is, no one but the creators of the Phase Distorter and Ness's family know what happened. How unfortunate. Pokey however, with his greater wisdom, the spider mech, and the ability to transcend time, looks for another world to conquer, seeing as his 'pet' universal cosmic destroyer was destroyed himself. But, seeing Mother 3's development, it appears that Pokey ended up in a completely new world, without Ness. What will become of Mother 3's many heroes?

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