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A Stand Against Sexism - by PSI322

A Stand Against Sexism

Those of you who are actually bothering to read this are probably more than a little surprised - that is, if you know who I am. "I thought PSI322 was gone for good," you may be saying. "Didn't she say she was never coming back?" And of course, you're right. I said I was never coming back... and I never posted again, not on these forums, but you know what? I never stopped coming to the site... I couldn't. You read that other article I wrote, "The Truth About Friendship (And Other Life Lessons)". That was penned back on March 15th of this year. Go on, read it. It was all so true at the time... the truth is, I was in love with this place not so long ago. I lived and breathed only to be an Administrator on these forums... only to moderate Interactive Fiction, dear, sweet IF. Now if you'll permit me to bow my head in memory for a moment, I'll explain. I may have had the will to leave, but I could never stop myself from checking back for updates and the occasional piece of fan fiction... because deep down, I still hoped that my departure would be reversed by a happy return someday to a familiar site. I don't think that will ever come true for me... perhaps it's a waste of a dream, but I'll survive, I have others. For now, I check back at the site I used to know every so often to look things over. Sometimes I scope out the new articles. I wish I hadn't this morning.

"Ness and Paula: The True Motive." An article by Casey Toner. Thesis: RPGs are populated by strong, powerful men who become even stronger and more powerful by using women for all they're worth. Heck, their goal is never as noble as it appears. "Stopping evil? Yeah right. It's about earning money, getting babes, and gaining power."

Casey Toner: There are women at this site. That's right. Women. Girls. Females.

There is a great problem with society today. That problem is something that a male-dominated community like this one might not care about... or maybe you do, maybe Casey Toner is the loner on this one. Society demeans and degrades women. The media does it habitually. Young girls learn quickly that they are worth nothing if not beautiful... that our job is to become a sex object for a male. That's what we are told, anyway. The lucky ones of us learn otherwise. That women are people too. That we exist for ourselves, and not simply to be used by our male counterparts. That we have worth. That we can be intelligent and brave and strong and heroic and powerful.

Your promotion of the demeaning view that far too many hold of women is sickening. If I were still at this site, I swear to you, I'd up and resign completely as of this very moment. But I'm not around anymore, and I'm so glad of it too... you sicken me to no end, Casey Toner. The females of the site should rise up in rebellion... that is, if anyone would listen to them. They're "just girls" to you, aren't they? Just objects to be used? Paula is Ness's slave, is she? She lives only to do his bidding, to bring him personal gain? Is that what you think? You sick, sick individual... you make me shudder, just the thought of you. Thank God you are not someone I have to encounter in my daily life. I don't think I could stand sharing the oxygen with such a blatant hater of women. Go on, make us feel like we're worthless. Have your laughs, have your fun. I'm sure you'd have no trouble finding a few guys who agree with you to joke with. It is the sexist scum of this Earth like you who perpetuate the problems associated with the degradation of females.

I actually can't believe that an article like this has been posted on the site I used to love. Young women of Starmen.Net: Don't take this abuse. Stand up for yourselves... beat back this lamer with all you've got, and don't let anyone tell you that you're "just a girl." Never allow sick people like him to walk all over you... be strong.

I leave you with this, my final impression on the site. I am very disappointed that such an article has been written, and even more disappointed that it has appeared on Starmen.Net. And to think some people wondered why I ran away.

Juliana Tritone
December 30, 2000

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