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Make A Little Change - by Pineapple Kid

Make A Little Change

Umm hi. This is my first article, so you'll have to bear with me.

This article I'm typing is about the site, One of the greatest fansites ever. Just about everything you could do with Earthbound is here. However, I seem to hear people complain that this site is "boring". Things move slow around here. Nothing here is exciting. Why is that?

Well, for one thing, if you're waiting for Mother 3 to come out, then you're waiting a while. Even if they announced it's development today, it wouldn't be released for at least several months, and that isn't including delays and whatnot. Yeah, things are moving pretty slowly if you're waiting for that. But the issue I really want to address is that there isn't anything to do here. Whenever I read this, I always wonder if the particular individual who states this actually notices the links to various sections of the site besides the forum's. There are 23 different sections to this site, including the forums. Of those 23 there are 18 sections you can submit something to. That is more than enough. Just looking at all of the submissions there is prenty to do. That alone could take a week or two or three.

However, if you really want to do something fun, then make something to submit yourself. There are lots of different things you can submit. Articles, flukes, art, poems, music, theories. The list goes on. If the site seems so boring, then why not try to be the person who livens it up with something interesting? Don't complain about something that you have the power to change. Whenever I would hear people complain being bored with the site, I used to think these words to myself. Of course, I didn't really submit much either, but since I never complained, I felt sitting back and doing nothing was alright.

Then I thought to myself. I realised that I wasn't much better than someof the people who whined. I had become simple and lazy. I had become a hypocrite in some respects. Some sections I had never even looked at the content. I just sat around, posted on the forums, chatted on IRC, and vegetated. I realised that most of the sections I had wrote off, saying to myself that I could never do any decent submissions, and that there would be no point in it. So I thought up an idea. I decided to make one submission for each section of the site within two weeks (excluding FanFics, that gets its own separate week). If I found that I enjoyed or excelled at any of them, then I was going to make them regular sections to submit to. I think everyone should try this. Who knows, maybe you're the best writer or artist here. Maybe you have the best ideas for AoE. You never know.......

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Pineapple Kid Make A Little Change
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