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Dial P for "Paradox" - by PSI Stuff Rho

Dial P for "Paradox"

Buzz Buzz comes from a future where there is no Chosen Four to fight Giygas many years in the past. But what happens in this alternate timeline? Ness and Jeff are stuck with ordinary lives at Onett and Snow Wood Boarding School, but what of Paula and Poo? First off, let me make the theory that Giygas has an active operation in the past and strikes in 200X. It would explain the placing of Mani Mani and the Stonehenge Base.

At some point Paula is kidnapped by the Happy-Happyists. She calls out to Ness using PSI. Convinced that it might have been more than a dream after seeing it on the news, Ness goes off to help her. Giygas can�t let that happen, so he sets up his possession operation. Ness fights critters and learns PSI on his own. He goes to save Paula.

Now, you might be saying "To alter this timeline, don't create the Happy-Happyists". But think of this: Why was the cult created? Giygas surely must have been scared of Paula's powers, and set out to get her killed. Therefore, if Giygas had not struck then and there in 199X, then Paula's (and possibly Ness's) powers would have grown and would have destroyed Giygas in his attack in 200X. Therefore, kidnap or no kidnap, Paula still lives, meets up with Ness at some point, and destroys Giygas.

And then there�s Poo. He�s practically been training his whole life for this adventure. He�s already learned a bunch of PSI, and went on to Mu to complete his training. Furthermore, it was already stated that his destiny was to meet with Ness anyway. So how is this preventable? He could not learn PSI, but since there are already PSI users in Dalaam, they must already recognize his potential and train him anyway. His destiny could have been read by dreams or premonition by PSI. So his destiny has already been pre-determined ahead of time.

Therefore, I can clearly say that a future where Giygas wins is simply not possible.

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