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Conquering The World - by ctoner

Conquering The World

"Wake up Ness, Happy 18nth," said Ness's Mother. "What? What time is it?" "The time is irrelevant, it is time for school." "I don't want to go to school. I don't like school." "Son, I'll make you breakfast." Ness awoke, ate breakfast, and went to school. It was funny in a way. He didn't feel any different, just a little older.

He thought about lots in school. He could never maintain concentration, for he would think, deep. His teachers would speak, but it was all the same garble. Ness had a lot on his mind. Girls, what he wanted to do, his vocation, and meaning. But he didn't know. He knew he had some talents, but he didn't know why, or what to do with them. He could save the world, but he was missing something.

Ness didn't communicate with his old friends anymore. His old friends. He would go to war with them in an instant. He trusted them. It made him sad. Last he heard Poo was in a foreign country, Jeff was entering college, on full scholarship, and he had no one to talk to. Paula maybe. He always seemed to keep contact with her. It was some kiddie connection. He couldn't explain it. He knew it was there. But soon too, she would be going away, off to some faraway land, never to be seen again.

School had ended, and he was going home. He saw his Dad and said hello. His Dad was off to work again, Ness should be hearing from him tonight. He didn't care. He watched some television, and was off to study. Finals were coming soon, and he was scared. Ness's grades were never too high in high school, and he wanted to make some impact. Not to show his parents, his friends, or anyone else in that matter. He wanted to show himself. To show himself he wasn't stupid. He wanted to prove all the cynics wrong.

After he finished his schoolwork, he went downstairs, and his Dad had arrived from work. He was happy, and sad. He felt terrible for his Dad. His Dad worked and worked, but he never seemed happy, just old. And everyday his Father would be getting older, and closer to Death, something Ness had never quite managed to face.

He ate his dinner. Yum. Steak. He opened his presents, and he looked into his parent’s eyes. They were so proud of him. His parents brought him his cake. He made a wish, and blew out the candles. It was such a long time ago.....13 years old, conquering childhood. Young Ness was now a man entering adulthood. He closed his eyes, and he was crying. 18 years of age, conquering adulthood.

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