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Similarities and Differences - by Carryabigbat

Similarities and Differences

Hello, I'm carryabigbat, you might remember me from other articles such as "Balance and N.E.S.S." I have a big 20 page Research paper due in one week so I thought *Thinking “I know I will start off my day by retrieving an old mailbag of mine and turn it into an article before I begin my research paper.” “Great idea CABB!” “Thank you I know free writing is a key to my success!” *Okay Done.

Today I will be going over some of the differences between Earthbound Zero for NES and Earthbound for SNES. Earthbound and EB0 are two great games that both have a many Similarities and Differences. Many people try to connect these two games, which is fine but the point of this article is plain and simple: The Similarities and Differences in Earthbound and EB0 Let’s begin with our Hero (Ninten [Nintendo>] and Ness[SNES yeah I know you’ve all seen that but I just thought I would throw it in there.])

Ninten and Ness Similarities:
1.Fights with a bat.
2.Uses Psi attacks.
3.Lives in a small town with a dirty mayor.
4.Lives with his mother, but the father can only be reached by phone.
5. Their Moms are both great cooks.
6. Have lazy dogs.
7. Look very much alike

1. Ness gets homesick while Ninten has asthma attacks.
2.Ninten has two sisters, Mimmie and Minnie, while Ness has one sister, Tracy.
3. Ninten has a remember songs, while Ness has the Sound Stone to record the melodies of the sanctuaries.

Paula and Ana Similarities:
1.Use fry pans
2. Have very strong PSI powers.
3. Have quiet Fathers.
Hots for Ninten/Ness.
5.Have visions of Ninten/Ness

1. Paula was captured by Carpainter, while Ana's Mom disappeared.
2. Paula lived in the normal town of Twoson, while Ana lived in a chateau in the town of Snowman.
3. Paula seems to talk more then Ana.
4. Ana is the third character in the game, while Paula is the second.

Jeff and Loid Similarities:
1. Genius/ Guns their weapons.
2. Good with explosives.
3. Have scientist Dads.
4. No PSI powers.
5. The only character who we know for sure that has had some education experience. Editors note: Thus proving Heroes don’t have to be smart. All they need is a big heart!

1.Jeff goes to a boarding school in Winters. While Loid goes to a public school were people think he is a nerd.
2. Jeff can fix weapons while I don't believe Loid can.
3. Loid is the second character you get while Jeff is the third.
4. Loid is pick on at school, while Jeff was not.

Poo and Teddy Similarities:
1.Swords are their best weapons.
2. Tough physical attacks.
3. Last character you receive.
4. Both characters have the most unique names.

1. Poo can use PSI, while Teddy cannot.
2.Poo wants to help the group because he knows he should, while Teddy wants to join the group, because he wants revenge for his parent’s deaths.
3. Poo is always been good, while Teddy was a gang member for a while. Editors Note: Always remember people can change even the mean ones!

That’s as you can see there is a great deal of similarities and differences when it comes to the main characters, but let’s not forget the rest the characters that make these two games so sweet!

Brickroad and Eve
These two characters seem to be similar. They both have great strength.

Flying Man and Flying Man
Wow! pretty much the same, except in EB0 it is earlier in the game compared to Earthbound.

Police and Police
Also very similar. Both famous for putting up crazy road blocks.

Desert Monkeys and Desert Monkeys
Some what similar, Except the monkeys in EB0 don't teach teleport.

Surgeon and Nurse and Surgeon and Nurse
Does the same thing in both games

Status Healer and Status Healer
Does the same thing in both games.

Friendly Mole and Swimming Cat
Both give good advice, but the Swimming Cat gives sweet items.

Game Play and Storyline are the last things I would like to touch on, before this article comes to an excellent conclusion! Here we go!

Game Play Similarities:
1. Pretty much the same menu commands.
2. Many of the same status attacks in battle.
3. Same battle menu.

One big one. In EB0 you have the option to walk fast, and in earthbound you can only do it after eating certain foods and if you are wearing the rabbit’s foot I believe?

The beginning of both of these games are very similar. Ness and Ninten both have strange things start happening to them. Ness has the meteor, while and Ninten the lamp attacks him! They both head out and fight a gang. Ness the Sharks. Ninten the zombie gang. The characters in the games are very similar in many ways to the story line also. In both games you fight the main henchmen of Giygas, and Giegue the Starmen

I think the main differences in these two great games is the violence levels. In EB0 many characters have bad stuff happen to them such as having people get kidnapped, or killed. In Earthbound when this stuff happens it is not quite as serious. I don't recall anyone in Earthbound dying without being silly about it. At least that's what I think. Both games are great. I think EB0 is very serious compared to Earthbound. Earthbound is quite a bit funnier than EB0 in my opinion. Obviously there are a ton of other differences in the story line, but I feel the seriousness of EB0 and the great humor of Earthbound makes these two games very different, but in a good way that I really like!

Overall I think these two games rock. They have many differences and many similarities. I think the question if “EB0 and Earthbound are link” will be answered once Mother 3 comes out which will be sweet! For the love of EB0 and Earthbound this is


After reading Crunch’s Scoreboard I thought I would make one also.(If you have read this far you rule! But the only way to score any points is to send me an e-mail about my articles)
Leeman: 1 For the props in the article topic
Pappycat: 1 For doing a good job on the article section, and for putting up with me! ( I agree with Crunch I would like to see a pappycat article!)
Crunch: 1 For creating the scoreboard in his article.
Me: 1 For copying Crunch’s scoreboard idea!
You:0 Get to work!

If you have any comments or questions feel free to e-mail me at: [email protected] (I like e-mails, either way if you liked it or not feel free to drop me an e-mail and get yourself on the scoreboard!.) Take care sm.netters, until next time, carryabigbat

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