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Cloudy With a 70% Chance of Mother 3 - by Kidbond

Cloudy With a 70% Chance of Mother 3

Disclaimer: This article is biased by wishful thinking, and the fact that I don't know what I'm talking about as far as the gaming industry works on the business side.

I'm sure everyone is excited about all the Mother 3 news, and if you aren't you're a communist. But between the excitement, the question on all our minds is whether or not it's coming to our shores. Is it possible? What's the delay on Mother 1+2? If Paula can create fire with her mind, why didn't she just burn down the cabin she was in instead of waiting for Ness to rescue her? Many people are disheartened by the fact that Mother 1+2 hasn't been released here. It seems bad but it doesn't mean that we're out of luck. I've got to explain some other things first.

Fire Emblem has been a source of wishful thinking. The fact that Nintendo finally brought the series over based on the "Who are Marth and Roy?" sentiment that came from SSB Melee. So why not Mother? Well, there was plenty of "Who's Ness" but by the time Melee came around, most people who cared enough already got over it after the original Smash Bros, when there wasn't a new Mother game to release. Add that to the bad mojo Earthbound has after bombing in America, and you can see why Nintendo wouldn't want to take the chance. Still sounds bad, I know, but wait, there's more! With the Revolution, and the downloading of old games, right around the corner, why release a high risk old game on GBA? There is much lower cost to put EB up for download on the Revolution than invest in the cartridges and packaging and such for the GBA game. It's even possible they might put EB0 up there.

Another good idea, or at least what I would think would be a good idea, would be releasing Mother 1+2 and then 3 in rapid succesion. Don't let interest die down in what is essentially a new series for most people over here. Get them hooked then pop out the sequal at the peak of popularity. With all the little bits in Nintendo Power lately, it looks like Nintendo is trying to stir up interest in the series. Plus, the latest petition succeeded in at least getting us noticed. We even got a reply that wasn't automated. That's HUGE from Nintendo.

Depending on the Revolution's release date, it might be what we have to watch for hints on Mother 3. EB and EB0 on the download network, another EB character in Smash Bros Revolution, and anything in Nintendo power are what I would consider good signs. Wishful thinking? Definitely. I'm just some dumb Texas redneck that doesn't know what I'm talking about? Of course. Mother 3 is coming to America? It darn well better.

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