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A Friend I Never Knew... - by

A Friend I Never Knew...

I've recently had a very great experience. It was a normal day at my high school, nothing great happening just a regular day. I just so happened to be wearing my "Caution Hippies" shirt I purchased from the swag store and while walking next to the library I saw it. A girl just my age wearing the "Smilin Sphere" shirt.

Instantly I was amazed, never had I saw another that even knew what Earthbound/Mother 2 was, and by the look on her face as well nor did she. It was a great moment indeed, we became very close friends from that point on and were almost inseperable. We did many things together and even spent a while together at eachothers house playing through and beating Earthbound. We were some of the best of friends and were even questioned to being boyfriend and girlfriend. We of course tried that but realized it was somewhat odd because of different people, thought of course we still had great feelings for eachother.

Our meeting was about a year ago, and are to this day some of the best of friends. Never will I forget what brought me and her together that fateful day in the hallway next to the library. The first words she said to me was "awesome shirt" and I said the same to her. Earthbound has brought me one of the greatest friends I have in this world which is just another reason for me to love the game.

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