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Show them we want it. - by Nesster

Show them we want it.

I am one of many touched by Earthbound's offbeat genious. My interest grew when I learned of the prior installment of the series that never made it to the U.S. and then even more so when I heard of the scrapped beggings of a third installment. Then I found this site and it felt great to know so many other people appreciated the work of art that is Earthbound. And now after so long there will finaly be a Mother 3 but we are faced with the chance of relying on fansubbed roms to enjoy this promising new sequel.

I can tell by the effort put into this website and the loads of fan-created input that there is a decent amount of people in this country that want to smell that new-cartridge aroma when they pop that ENGLISH version Mother 3 into they're Gameboy Advance.

Whether or not Nintendo decides to release Mother 3 in the U.S. will be a numbers game of "are enough people in America going to be interested enough to buy this game". So here are three suggestions of how to show them we want it. 1. Somebody needs to start a petition, and the more people you get to sign it the better, even grandma and grandpa. 2. Flood them with pleas. NOA and NOJ, send them both e-mail or otherwise stating how much you would love for Mother 3 to come out in english. "Goodway" was half-right in his article, you should write to NOJ in Japanese if you can and if you can't why not send one in english anyway. Hell, if you can write in Japanese you might as well send a letter to Shigesato Itoi himself. As long as it is respectful. 3. Finally, it is known that sometimes large entertainment corporations base public interest measurements on numbers of searches for a peticular subject on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and other popular engines. So what I propose is when you've got some extra time go to a popular search engine and repeatedly search for things like "earthbound game", "earthbound 2 game", "Mother 3 gameboy advance". Stuff like that over and over again.

I hope all you want Mother 3 in America as much as I do and will employ at least one of these methods.

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