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Glowing Rock Arrival - by ReconstructedHamster

Glowing Rock Arrival

Buzz Buzz is a pretty cool bee but he's awfuly naked. I gave him snazzier clothes.

PERFECT 10! The score will say 1.10, but it's actually 10.

Other Submissions by ReconstructedHamster

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ReconstructedHamster Mother 3
I was thinking -- the pure red thing is a tradition for the Mother Covers, but it would be interesting to have a little bit more to look at. Then I thought: Hey! The mother of the game should be on the cover! So there's Hinawa looking all nice and ghosty.
6/25/06 0.00
ReconstructedHamster Fuzzy Pickles (A Family Portrait)
This image is related to my Mother 3 Title image. Together the two images are the front and back covers for my Binder that houses SpookyChee's translation guide.
6/30/06 0.00
ReconstructedHamster How cute!
A quick sketch.
7/22/06 0.00
ReconstructedHamster Twisted By Desire
The Pig King's eratic desires have twisted him into a grotesque monster. (Ch.8)
7/30/06 0.00
ReconstructedHamster His Royal Highness
A scruffier and older vision of King -- although his face still looks youngish...
8/6/06 7.00


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