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Beware of Krakens - by Eternalsaturn

Beware of Krakens

Some... painty thing of the Kraken battle.

Other Submissions by Eternalsaturn

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Eternalsaturn Catch Me If You Can!
Paula likes to steal hats! And poor Ness is too short to reach them! Okay, so Ness wasn't supposed to be that short, but I think he's kinda cute like this, no? ;)
5/24/05 8.00
Eternalsaturn Coffee Break
Mr. Saturn and a couple of Tenda friends enjoying some nice Saturn Valley Coffee... or is it Tenda Tea?
5/3/05 0.00
Eternalsaturn Cute but gross
I always thought Fobbies looked like they were made of jello for some reason.
7/15/07 0.00


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