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Blue, Blue Chant or How a Hue Can Subdue - by Rabid Dog

Blue, Blue Chant or How a Hue Can Subdue

Blue, Blue Chant
How a Hue Can Subdue
An Article by Rabid Dog
It was a B-Day, which meant, right after lunch, I was forced to be in English 10. English 10, for those of you who don’t know, is just like English 7-9 only with longer essays and different stories to study.
Now it was on this day, that I realized that we were studying the Sumerians, an ancient civilization from which the earliest form of writing had been discovered, which we had also covered in World Civ. earlier that day. We were studying them in English as a precursor for The Epic of Gilgamesh.
The lesson reeking with boredom, made me seek a way to end this monotonous. So, on a whim, I pulled out a sheet of paper. On which I wrote repeatedly: Blue, blue, blue, blue, blue. I didn’t have blue ink which would’ve made the paper much more authentic, but I wrote it several dozen times.
Soon my hand started hurting. I started of thinking of ways to shortcut this monotonous task which I had taken upon myself. I could write the blues in columns, but I decided with all my will power that I would finish the way I started.
Aside from accidentally writing bleu or blew a few times, I wrote the color over and over again. Soon, I started questioning myself whether or not I was spelling it right. Since 9th grade, my spelling power has declined, so it wouldn’t be below me to misspell a four letter word. After I had assured myself that I was spelling it correctly, I started wondering about the word. It started phasing in and out, like an optical illusion, from the word “Blue” to just the letters B L U E. It started dawning on me that “Blue” is indeed a strange word, both to say and to write.
At this point I was halfway through the paper. The teacher had changed subjects as I noticed and we crossed over into free writing time, at which she explained once again how our projects were graded. She snapped at me to pay attention and I looked up from my colorless color paper to tell her that I was paying attention, and then proceeded to tell her the topics of which she’d just covered in order from what she was saying. She let me proceed with my writing.
Soon, she became concerned and told me that I surely had better things to write than what I was doing. I lied and told her it got my creative juices flowing. I now realized that I hadn’t actually thought of it or what I had said before about the assignments. I had no thoughts whatsoever. My mind was blank, and I felt that I couldn’t actually think on anyone topic if I wanted to. I was astounded by this revelation, after years of trying on and off to find a way to clear my mind (for no other reason than to see if I could do it) I had succeeded in a method.
I was also startled to realize that I had done nothing but write the Blue Blue chant on a piece of paper. I realized that this must be what the Happy Happyists felt, and that it was not in any way an uncomfortable feeling. Writing blue over and over can and will drain your brain and leave you in complete peace. This feeling lasted throughout the day and now I’ve been on a positive happy upbeat feeling all day.
So, if you’ve got time on your hands and you need to do something, just write blue over and over again until you’ve covered the whole sheet of paper. It will rock your world, or empty your mind. Or both.

(P.S. I get credit for this in my English class.)

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