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Annual Tax Man - by Radiation

Annual Tax Man

Battle Sprite by Radiation for Arn's Winter Quest.

Other Submissions by Radiation

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Radiation Mad Menorah
Battle Sprite by Radiation for Arn's Winter Quest.
9/28/06 0.00
Radiation Manegg
MANEGG!? Born from both stupid friends and PoeTrader.smc. Not worth asking about.
9/30/06 0.00
Radiation Manly Ness
5/3/05 0.00
Radiation Mechanical!
Okay, these are some mechanical guys.

Yep. So, watch out.

Drawn with very very crappy crayons. I had an original black crayola crayon from the very first set of crayolas. I broke it. It was old. It was the best one I had. So, I was limited by my palette and weapons, etc.
7/18/06 0.00
Radiation Memories of my Childhood Videogame Rentals
7/31/06 0.00


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