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A Holiday in the Pyramid - by ReconstructedHamster

A Holiday in the Pyramid

Inside the halls of the Pyramid the hieroglyphics, the shattered men, and the guardians all get rather bored. They are unable to leave the pyramid and thus their world has remained mostly static for thousands of years. However, from time to time, people make their way into the Pyramids and with them they bring new ideas.

Once, a scared grave robber was discovered in the pyramid and beaten up. The grave robber pleaded for his life and told them to go easy on him -- after all, it was Christmas. They were not faillar with the concept of Christmas nor any other holiday. After the robber gave an in depth explanation the Guardian General let him go unharmed.

Thus, the concept of the holiday was delivered to the people of the pyramid. These holidays come but once a year but they have a special importance to them that break the monotony of day to day life. Depicted in this picture is the Guardian General painting a Christmas tree on a hallway of the pyramid as the heiroglyphic people cheer him on.

PERFECT 10! The score will say 1.10, but it's actually 10.

Other Submissions by ReconstructedHamster

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ReconstructedHamster How cute!
A quick sketch.
7/22/06 0.00
ReconstructedHamster His Royal Highness
A scruffier and older vision of King -- although his face still looks youngish...
8/6/06 7.00
ReconstructedHamster Grrr! Imma Py-Witt!
Aww! This is his cutest costume yet.
11/4/07 0.00
ReconstructedHamster Glowing Rock Arrival
Buzz Buzz is a pretty cool bee but he's awfuly naked. I gave him snazzier clothes.
8/9/06 10.00
ReconstructedHamster Home for the Holidays
Everyone was excited -- except for King. King didn't even get up to see him; it was late, after all.
12/24/07 0.00


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