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The Power: Page 7 - by SkyeChan

The Power: Page 7

SkyeChan - #07
Page seven of my fancomic. There's not much to say.

Other Submissions by SkyeChan

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SkyeChan The Power: Page 1
SkyeChan - #01
Page one of my fancomic. It turned out rather messy, but don't worry, I'll make sure future pages look better.
1/18/07 0.00
SkyeChan Open Sesame Tofu!
One of the funniest parts of Mother 3 - when Wes dances in chapter 2 to open the door in Osohe Castle. Duster is scarred for life. I drew this using an oekaki program.
5/31/06 9.00
SkyeChan A Moment of Fear and Death
Ok, this picture may be a bit confusing. It's supposed to be when Hinawa is killed by Mechadrago. It's never shown in the game, obviously, so I drew an interpretation of it. Like Bronson said, she was probably protecting her sons. So I drew them holding each other while they're mom tries to protect them, but then Mechadrago attacks. Claus and Lucas witness it while they are really scared. The shadow is of Mechadrago attacking Hinawa. Mechadrago's shadow is on the left, Hinawa's is on the right. It's probably hard to see, though. Sorry about that.

Anyway, I drew this with an oekaki program.
6/1/06 0.00
SkyeChan Winter Sorrow
Lucas sits under a pine tree on Mt. Shirogune as he longs for his mother. It turned out sloppy because soft shading wasn't working at all, so I had to resort to solids. Made with oekaki.
12/16/06 0.00
SkyeChan Peaceful
Look at all the crudely drawn sunflowers!
9/5/08 0.00


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