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Mr. Saturn and His House - by Henry Midfields

Mr. Saturn and His House

Mr. Saturn and his house done in AutoVIZ.

Other Submissions by Henry Midfields

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Henry Midfields The Nutcracker - Part 2
Dr. Drosselmeyer took the Nutcracker with him to a Christmas Party. He met the Staulbaum family, and presented the Nutcracker to 'Paula'-Klara Staulbaum, who was the oldest child in the family. 'Paula'-Klara was filled with joy as she played around with the Nutcracker.
12/28/07 0.00
Henry Midfields The Nutcracker - Part 3
After the Christmas party was over, Paula (Klara) went to check the nutcracker (Hans-'Ness'), and to her surprise, the nutcracker wnet alive!
1/2/08 0.00
Henry Midfields The Nutcracker - Part 4
Just then an army of mice appeared. The Mouse King (Raichu), escorted by his henchmen (Rowdy Mice) challenges the Nutcracker to a duel.
1/10/08 0.00
Henry Midfields The Nutcracker - Part 5
The Mouse King is vanquished, and the spell has been broken! As the nutcracker reveals his true form, 'Paula'-Klara Schtalbaum and Hans-'Ness' Drosselmayer rejoice with their triumph.
1/8/08 0.00
Henry Midfields The Nutcracker - Part 6
Klara (Paula) and Hans(-Ness) went on their way to the Sugarplum Fairy. On their way, they meet the Snowflake Fairy(casted by Nayru-Zelda's Oracle of Ages)
1/8/08 0.00


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