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I am a pirate - by Odori

I am a pirate

You are a princess.

Other Submissions by Odori

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Odori I am a pirate
You are a princess.
4/6/07 8.00
Odori Smiles and Tears
Yes, the two who shared smiles and tears one after the other.....
(I miss you)
.....are now far apart.....
4/4/07 0.00
Odori Cleanser
We stick stick stick to the plan we laid out
But we know the saying
The best best best plans of both mice and men can go terribly wrong
And they probably will.
4/4/07 0.00
Odori Locira
this is mostly conceptual.
6/1/07 0.00
Odori Older Claus
This is an older claus... if he had lived to be 22. D:
3/3/07 0.00


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