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Mother 3 1st anniversary - by Jean

Mother 3 1st anniversary

My first Mother 3 art I've realy put effort into. I hope it shows.

Other Submissions by Jean

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Jean Jeff doesn't have any PP
Well, he doesn't.
4/2/08 0.00
Jean Lucas
This was really refreshing to draw.. since I feel like I haven't done enough good Mother 3 art.
3/18/07 9.00
Jean Jeff, where are you going in the middle of the night?
This is a bit old, but I forgot to submit it. I wanted to practice, so I chose one of my favourite scenes from the game and tried to draw it how I saw it in my head. While I could see Tony putting on his hat as soon as he woke up, I don't think he'd sleep in his coat and shorts. I'm sure Snowood is pretty well heated.

I know my bed drawing skills are amazing, don't all praise me at once!
6/8/08 0.00
Jean Ultimate Chimera Claus Kemonomimi
There's a mouthful! It's easier to say gijinka, but that's technically wrong in this case... (just ears/tail and not a design based after the original). Just a random idea I had in Pchat one day that actually turned out cuter than I thought it would!
10/26/08 0.00
Jean ... we're shy
The Tenda are so cute. Underrated, compared to Mr. Saturn, so I felt like drawing one!
2/8/08 8.00


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