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Stuffed Friends - by Libra

Stuffed Friends

It's a silver Moshi(tm) man that looked a lot like our favorite alien soldier (hense why I bought him.) I just cut out some peices of black construction paper to place on top so it'd look more convincing. Mr. Saturn is there because the starman looked kinda lonely all by himself.

Other Submissions by Libra

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Libra EarthBound Supremacy II: Devil's Machinae
It's part 2 of my EarthBound Supremacy series, this time halloween themed for the funfest. I spent a lot more time and tried a bunch of new editing techniques for this one so I hope they pay off. Better or worse than my first project I don't know but I'll leave that up to you guys to decide, ENJOY!
11/7/06 10.00
Libra First Half of Collection
(left to right, top to bottom) we have, a Mr. Saturn plushie, Mother 1+2 box, Mother 1+2 art book, a little golden colored clay saturn I made a while ago, Mother 3 gameboy micro, the Mr. Saturn from the phone strap, Giant step from my funfest submission wrapped in plastic, EarthBound cart, Mother 3 deluxe box, an orange and blue starman my sister made for me some time ago, Mother 3+ CD, and a smiley bank I tried (unsuccessfully) to make look like a Mr. Saturn, I plan on donating the money to the site once it fills up which feels like pretty soon.
5/1/07 0.00
Libra Human Slot Machine
Looks like Pancho & co have started a popular trend. This was taken this summer at the Origins Gaming Expo in Columbus Ohio.
8/17/07 0.00
Libra Lucas and Claus IRL
I can't say I didn't feel a little stalkerish for taking this picture but the opportunity was too good to pass up. The striped shirts, the subtle difference in hair color, the... twin..iness... You see where I'm going with this :P.
6/19/08 0.00
Libra Mother Lover shirt
Apparently Journey's has begun selling MOTHER swag. Too bad for me, it's a women's shirt.
6/13/08 0.00


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