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Bein' Friends - by P-RO

Bein' Friends

There is such a thing as bein' friends amongst bullies.
They loiter around, bully the next kid, take over the arcade... Awh youth.

Other Submissions by P-RO

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P-RO Onett Slugger
Without a doubt, this is everyone's favourite little slugger.
He looks ready to hit a big one!
5/25/06 9.00
P-RO Breathe Feel Good
It's a nice evening breeze in Eagleland and Ness shares his Can of Fruit Juice with Mister Saturn. HP+6!
5/14/07 9.42
He looks like he is made of candy and sherbet and anything sweet! A past birthday present. A happy Ness indeed!
5/14/07 0.00
P-RO Ketchup Packet Love
Fan Art of the Week Winner! 28 May 2008

Ness sprinkled the Ketchup Packet on the hot-dog and recovered more HP! A lovely scene in a diner being with friends.
Poo is trying some ketchup. He won't like it though...!
5/14/07 9.63
Exactly it. Is Ness tired of being the hero of humankind? Such responsibility!
Now with extra colours to heat your retinas!
5/18/07 8.00


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