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Earthbound Cosplay - by mistycat85

Earthbound Cosplay

Paula (Me) and Ness (Artemis251) on Sunday of Otakon... I made my frying pan out of styrofoam.

Other Submissions by mistycat85

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mistycat85 Ness And Paula Cosplay
Artemis251 and I did an earthbound cosplay for Tekkoshocon in Pittsburgh. (he was ness- i was paula and his sister made the Mr. Saturn) I was excited they let me carry around my frying pan!
5/2/07 10.00
mistycat85 No Stairs in Onett
It's good for the Sharks that Onett has a distinct lack of stairs!
10/6/07 0.00
mistycat85 Nostalgia
The Chosen Four, now graduating High School. They all seem to miss adventuring, but have to pack away their memories and move on.
3/19/07 0.00
mistycat85 Not a Morning Person
Jeff is staying over ness' house- either for a visit or for free healing- and tracy comes down the stairs- obviously not ready for work!
7/7/07 0.00


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