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PSI Shield Beta - by josh

PSI Shield Beta

Submission for the Envelope Art part of the 2007 EB Siege.

Other Submissions by josh

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josh Merry EB NO Matsuri!
This is my Second Peice of EB Fanart. I really like drawing Mr.Saturns! Also, Notice the Empty Plate and the Boxed EB under the good Mr. Saturn's Pillow.
12/14/06 0.00
josh What Mr. Saturns Do During Winter
Heres my 3rd FUNFEST entry, as you can see they all have mr.saturns in them, this is because the only thing i'm good at drawing is them.
12/15/06 0.00
josh Reidman Has Been VERY Good
there are 5 carts that are different in the picture they are: Mother 2, Jonbound, Quest of Hat, Mother 2.5, and Jr. HSK. The empty Plate was once filled with Strawberry Tofu.
12/15/06 0.00
josh Happy Happy Halloween
Ness, Paula, and Jeff vist Happy Happy Village on Halloween!
Made in Ren'Py.
10/18/07 0.00
josh Skyrunner
Submission for the Envelope Art part of the 2007 EB Siege.
8/28/07 0.00


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