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199X On A Distant Night - by Katon

199X On A Distant Night

Trying something new.

Other Submissions by Katon

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Katon Miles Jeffworth: Perfect Prosecutor
I don't even know.
6/30/09 0.00
Katon New Game +
This is how EarthBound's 'New Game +' should be.
7/31/07 0.00
Katon Travelers Together
omg sephy song
11/3/07 0.00
Katon Twoskan
An old song that I'll probably never finished, this was intended to have vocals over it by myself, with a rap in the middle by other folks, but that fell apart. Here's what came of it, and maybe I'll toss vocals on it one day.
3/3/08 0.00
Katon Welcome to Threed!
It's fun here. We have the circus!
10/3/07 0.00


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