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EB Black Friday - by mistycat85

EB Black Friday

Shopping on Black Friday can be scary for everyone, even for those with PSI!

Other Submissions by mistycat85

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mistycat85 Halloween Concert
Thanks goes to my friend Chris for helping me come up with a good name for a Halloween Jazz Concert ^_^

I envision this as a poster hanging in the Topolla Theater in Fourside.
10/31/07 0.00
mistycat85 Halloween in Fourside
The maid from the Monotolli building distributing Trout Yogurt to all the people of fourside- at least those brave enough to taste it!

done with marker- except the decorations. they're bits of construction paper.
10/24/07 0.00
mistycat85 How Master Belch Stole Christmas
My fully illustrated parody of Dr. Seuss' "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"
1/12/09 0.00
mistycat85 How to Build an Army
all of these guys are in the game except for "standard Sphere" i made one up to match the others. This was a lot of fun to do but also a lot of work as I needed to match up all the colors.
5/26/07 9.00


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