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N is for Ness - by Abufikatoo

N is for Ness

He is an epic boy.

I really like how this turned out. :3

Other Submissions by Abufikatoo

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Abufikatoo INSANE Cultist, you say?
I drew this quite a while ago, a little before I joined, but hey I want an excuse to submit something. So here's my first submission, an Insane Cultist that I tried to make look more insane since the sprites of them don't look very insane to me! u_u
11/23/07 7.27
Abufikatoo Mushroom dog
They're really cute. :3 I sure wish my dog was a mushroom dog!
12/30/07 8.00
Abufikatoo Artsy Ghost
These guys are pretty cool.
12/30/07 0.00
Abufikatoo Lucas and Boney
I'm not too crazy with how Lucas's hair came out v_v But oh well. I like Lucas. And Boney :3 They're pretty cool.
1/19/08 6.00
Abufikatoo Jeff
Possibly the only good Jeff picture I've ever managed to do. Linearted on paper, colored/shaded in Photoshop.
1/19/08 7.00


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