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The MOTHER3 Gang - by Abufikatoo

The MOTHER3 Gang

Yeah, this didn't come out that great. For two reasons: One, I used those awful Crayola markers and some Crayola colored pencils (they're not that bad though, just the markers are), and because my scanner is mean and likes to murder some of my drawings. But yeah, it's Lucas, Kuma, Duster, and Boney. First decent try at Kuma.

Other Submissions by Abufikatoo

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Abufikatoo INSANE Cultist, you say?
I drew this quite a while ago, a little before I joined, but hey I want an excuse to submit something. So here's my first submission, an Insane Cultist that I tried to make look more insane since the sprites of them don't look very insane to me! u_u
11/23/07 7.27
Abufikatoo Giegueee
Giegue is pretty cool.

I really should play EB0 so I actually have a right to draw fanart for it.

Also, sorry if this looks kind of too much like any other picture of Giegue someone's done. Some other Giegue picture a lot like how this came out keeps coming to mind.
2/20/08 7.19
Abufikatoo Artsy Ghost
These guys are pretty cool.
12/30/07 0.00


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