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Pins To Be Proud Of! - by Maresuke

Pins To Be Proud Of!

This is my small but growing collection of Mother Pins/buttons. I purchased the Franklin badge from someone else. The rest I made by using I hope go collect more soon.

Other Submissions by Maresuke

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Maresuke We SMAASH Things!
Upon noticing all the main characters from the Mother/Earthbound games use bats or poles to SMASH things, I came up with this.
5/7/07 0.00
Maresuke The End of Tamekichi
Tamekichi or Duster... who will it be?
6/4/08 0.00
Maresuke Sunflower Memories
A doodle of Lucas' walk through the sunflowers of his mother's love.
6/4/08 0.00
Maresuke Sleepy Pig Mask
Opps... looks like someone is slacking on the job.
6/4/08 0.00
Maresuke Sad Day For Flint
A Doodle I did in Flash for a video featuring Flint on a dark day mourning his loss.
6/4/08 0.00


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