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Welcome to Fourside - by Jackalope

Welcome to Fourside

This is a tourism advert for the city of the same name. I wrote it to the city's overworld tune. At the end, the part in parentheses is only for SSBMelee's Fourside.

Other Submissions by Jackalope

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Jackalope Happy *Mother's* Day
You guys won’t believe what showed up on my door one day. I figure they just typed Mother into Google Image Search to get clip art, but dang, I was surprised! So is Ness, from the looks of it.
5/12/09 0.00
Jackalope Kumatora and Duster, Made in Wario
Heh, check it! This is something I actually did in my own unique style instead of just mimicking official art. Pretty awesome, eh? What?! You say that my style looks just like the one used in the WarioWare series?! Well, they copied me first!
12/24/08 0.00
Jackalope Love is Blind... As a Millipede
In the dead of night, Tracy pines for a certain Minch child.
4/3/09 0.00
Jackalope Mother 3 in Nature
The Bear-tiger is a force to be reckoned with, more dangerous than normal beasts. This one has just killed two hyenas, effectively spooking the other animals in doing so. A monkey approaches; the bear-tiger appears to be giving it directions to the nearest Del Taco. From the safety of the shade of a Sherman's Lagoon book, a peculiar Mr. Saturn tries in vain to figure out what is going on.
8/5/08 0.00
Jackalope Ninten Costume
Yes, the hat is tilted the wrong way. I did that on purpose. I would have been Ness, but the backpack and shoes were the wrong color.
11/1/09 0.00


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