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Pollyanna Pyro Freak - by Mystic Pyro Freak

Pollyanna Pyro Freak

My attempt at covering the vocal version of Pollyanna using the Melee arrangement of the song. You can call me Pollyanna, say I'm crazy as a loon, but I BELIEVE this came out pretty decent. =)

Other Submissions by Mystic Pyro Freak

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Mystic Pyro Freak Sympathy for Lucifer Minch
Inspired by the song "Sympathy for the Devil" by the Rolling Stones.
9/28/08 0.00
Mystic Pyro Freak Take a Melody from MSN
A collaboration over MSN/Windows live between me and my friend, Evanatt. She drew the Ninten on the left and all the Giegues. I drew Loid, Ana, and the group shot.
11/9/08 0.00
Mystic Pyro Freak The Cool Guy
As much as he wanted to continue taunting Ness and his friends, his fear for the inexplicable evil that he released had once again got the best of him. He could no longer hold back his cowardice and broke down into tears once he retreated back into the darkness. He truly was experiencing absolute terror, but he could never allow his rival to see that. For as everyone knows, Cool guys never cry.
11/21/08 0.00
Mystic Pyro Freak The Googie Man
He's gonna get you He's gonna get you He's gonna get you He's gonna get you He's gonna get you He's gonna get you He's gonna get you He's gonna get you He's gonna get you He's gonna get you He's gonna get you He's gonna get you He's gonna get you He's gonna get you He's gonna get you
2/16/09 0.00
Mystic Pyro Freak The Spider's Web
Welcome to my web, 'Master'...Your power is now mine to feed on. I'll suck it all from your entangled body. I'll take my time of course, for I want this glorious nourishment to last....But even when it's all gone, I won't be sad. I'll just trap another fool who's strong and able! That's Pokey!
8/15/08 0.00


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