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Bein' Friends - by The Pig King

Bein' Friends

Loid kills Ninten. The rest goes from there.

Other Submissions by The Pig King

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The Pig King Shattered
Darkness. That’s all there is for a while. You’re not sure who you are, or where you came from, and you weren’t even sure you existed until a few days ago, but now you know that you’re there, and you’re waiting for somebody. You don’t know who you’re waiting for, or why, but you know he’ll come to you, and you know what you need to do when he gets there. You’re not entirely sure what that is, but you know that you’ll know when the time comes.
9/6/09 0.00
The Pig King Shrooom
Everything’s all funky… Which way is up? Which way is down? Is it that way? I don’t know. I think… I think I wanna go that way… Ow! My head hurts. Hey, Paula, what are you doing over there? You’re not supposed to be over there, you’re supposed to be over here, silly! You look a little hurt… Why don’t I heal you?
9/6/09 0.00
The Pig King Tricky
It was Halloween, just like any other normal Halloween, and I was going door to door, collecting candy. I stopped to think, that day, though, why do they call it trick-or-treating if you only get treats? Smiling, I stuffed some snakes into my bag(harmless garden snakes, of course, wouldn’t hurt a fly), and rang the next doorbell. As soon as the door opened, I swung the bag forward, shouting, “Trick!” as the old woman screamed.
9/6/09 0.00
The Pig King Zombie Paper
Okay, picture this: I’m sitting in my bed one night – well, I don’t know if you could call it a bed, being a grave and all, but that’s another story – and all of a sudden, I smell this beautiful, tantalizing scent. Almost like that guy I had for dinner the other night, although he smelled more like pizza than anything else. This sort of smelled like pizza too, so you can see where I’d make the connection. Anyway, of course I get up and go to see what this wonderful smell is coming from. I see a few other zombies moving toward it, so I start running, you know, to get there before it’s all gone, as I’m sure it’s food by this point.
9/6/09 0.00
The Pig King Mouthwash
On a cold winter’s night in a town called Reindeer, the streets lay bare, nothing but snow visible upon the cold pavement. Where there was no snow, there was ice, and when not ice, blood. For this town held many tragedies, and it seemed as if happiness was out of season, that it simply couldn’t exist in such bitter cold.
1/10/09 0.00


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