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PK FALCON PUNCH! - by Meepers


Girl cosplaying Lucas... who's cosplaying Captain Falcon!

Other Submissions by Meepers

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Meepers A Special Sunflower
This piece is definitely my best one. I really liked Flint's character and was moved by the first chapter of the game that involved him and his wife. I wanted to create a happy memory they had together until their departure...
1/31/08 0.00
Meepers Alec and the Dragos
I love drawing dinosaurs and the Dragos are my favorite characters of the game. They are also very essential to the storyline and I haven't seen a lot of Drago fanart, so I decided to come up with this piece.
1/31/08 0.00
Meepers Taking the Day Off...
Even thieves need a time-out.
4/5/08 0.00
Meepers A Unwelcome Visitor
Looks like Duster and his Rope Snake are in some serious trouble now...
4/16/08 0.00
Meepers Painful Memories
Sometimes the past can change and haunt us. Mother 3 shows this type of transformation among it's protagonists.
4/16/08 0.00


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