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LUCAS. - by .orangecake.


"Lucas! What are you up to? It looks like fun! Can I play? Lucas! LUCAS! I'm Claus! CLAUS. THE CLAUS THAT LUCAS DOESN'T SEE."

Other Submissions by .orangecake.

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.orangecake. OPM - Pokey and the Masked Man
A little something for Aangie's comic, "Of Pigs and Masks."
10/4/09 9.00
.orangecake. Pain
Perhaps Claus's transformation into the Masked Man? I don't know myself, really...
9/17/08 0.00
.orangecake. Paul and Linda
In my replay of Mother 3, I was talking to just about all the NPCs, and reading their dialogue made me love the game even more than before. One of the lines I particularly found cute was in Chapter 3 when Paul tells Salsa, “I already have happiness. It’s right here by my side.” (or something like that) So this happened… I’ve always thought these two were sweet, though.
11/14/11 0.00
.orangecake. Somewhere, Someday
Trying out some filters on this one.
11/22/10 0.00
.orangecake. Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch
This came out a bit cheesier than planned, but I've always wanted to draw these two together.
8/18/11 0.00


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