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In Saturn Valley - by blue kiby-kiby

In Saturn Valley

I just want to do something related with Mr. Saturns.

Other Submissions by blue kiby-kiby

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blue kiby-kiby MOTHER in Ouendan! 2
Yeah, it's MOTHER Ouendan again but, now it's turn of the men!... well, boys.
Sorry if the quality i'ts kind of bad <:3
7/23/08 0.00
blue kiby-kiby Kuma with the "white dress"
Yeah, I was wondering, if Kuma get married someday, how's gonna be her dress? and who's gonna be the chosen one? now, I have an idea about that...
4/30/08 0.00
blue kiby-kiby Bottom of the Sea
Yeah well, it's just Kumatora in sea water, enjoy!
11/25/08 0.00
blue kiby-kiby Photo in Saturn Valley
yeah for some reason the photo is in gray scales, I think it looks better in this way. :3
7/2/09 0.00
blue kiby-kiby "Fuzzy Pickles!"
Yay! a photography!... at first it was a cute extra, after it's just annoying
4/6/08 0.00


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