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MOTHER Miis - by DragonKazooie89


Eight Miis I made of characters from the MOTHER series. Can you guess who is who?

Other Submissions by DragonKazooie89

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DragonKazooie89 You're Not Alone
No matter what happens to you or whenever you feel alone, just remember that someone will always be there by your side to guide you. Done for Mother's Day
5/10/09 0.00
DragonKazooie89 Why am I Doing This?
Inspiration can come from the strangest places...

If you are wondering why he is so high up, Wess is on a stool (not visible in the picture)
12/7/08 0.00
DragonKazooie89 Ultimate Chimerachomp
All right, who put Super Mario in my Mother 3?
1/31/09 0.00
DragonKazooie89 The Mysterious Queen Mary
The result of one of the days of a drawing challenge I'm doing for February
2/16/13 0.00
DragonKazooie89 That's Not Mewtwo...
Whatever you do, don't throw Master Balls at Giegue.
8/15/09 0.00


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