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Duster Loves Cheese! - by PK_LOL

Duster Loves Cheese!

Yes, he always has.

Other Submissions by PK_LOL

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PK_LOL A Bee He Is Not...Maybe
I Like Making All The First Letters Of My Words In Capitals.
I Might Compy-Color This One, Cause It Isn't Half Bad, Eh?

*cough* Anyway, this is Ness listening to Buzz-Buzz. Not shown are Pokey and Picky, due to laziness, but Lier.X.Aggerate is in the background if you look to the left.
3/18/09 0.00
PK_LOL Carbon Dog
Put him under some pressure and voila, instant diamondized terror-inflicting canine teeth of death.
2/13/09 0.00
PK_LOL Conductive, Constructive, Energetic Spirit!
Show your spirit by getting zapped by lightning! This guy will help you by passing on his!
2/13/09 0.00
PK_LOL Duster Loves Cheese!
Yes, he always has.
12/5/08 0.00
PK_LOL Duster's Nightmare
Duster struggles with the thought of his father being disappointed by his only son.

Part 1 of my Inner Giygas series. Next: Kumatora
3/18/09 0.00


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