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Big Bottle Rocket! - by iamthewalrus

Big Bottle Rocket!

My friend made this in physics class!


Other Submissions by iamthewalrus

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iamthewalrus Baddest Beam
How I made this:
I found a broken toy gun at a yard sale, gutted it and used some metallic paint to make it seem metal. Then, I stuck two Christmas lights in the yellow plastic top and they run on a watch battery. At some point I might add some kind of sound box in it.
12/15/08 0.00
iamthewalrus Receiver Phone
I simply took an old black cordless phone (I think from the early 90s :P) And removed the buttons, then patched it over with some shiny black tape. Later, I put some sticker paper on the back of the phone and wrote “Apple Kid Labs”.
12/16/08 0.00
iamthewalrus Masked Man Helmet
I made this as an art class project. It's made of plaster and paper mache. It sooo awesome :)
3/1/09 0.00
iamthewalrus BEST DAY EVAR
I got MOTHER1+2!
11/23/08 0.00
iamthewalrus EB giftshop bag
This is a bag from a real store in Hallowell, Maine. They sell all kinds of wacky stuff and just happen to have the MOST EPIC NAME EVER.
3/6/09 0.00


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