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Dungeon man! - by P. Soup

Dungeon man!

Holy Smokes!

Other Submissions by P. Soup

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P. Soup Battle of Onett Outskirts.
Wings + Bryce = Awesome.
1/25/09 8.00
P. Soup Ana

Spicing up the "THE MOST BORING PART OF THE GAME"...again
8/31/09 8.00
P. Soup Battle with the Final Starmen.
Making the Starman was probably the hardest part of this whole model.
10/4/08 8.00
P. Soup Ambush!
Not much hope for Ninten and his friends. Ana Casts PSI Shield b! Ninten Attempts at a Healing Spelling. Ana has Fired her best PK Lighting and now gathers her energy
for the next assault. The Starmen have successfully called for Backup, Barbots, UFO's and Old Robots come from every direction and Loid is long gone.
9/20/09 8.00
P. Soup Cave of the Past in 3d!
Ness and company approaching the Final battle.
9/2/08 8.00


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