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3 - by Angryclowns


The Ultimate Chimera Done with a Caligraphy Brush and colored in photoshop. It was just a test.

Other Submissions by Angryclowns

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Angryclowns Destroyed mind
More then a smudge tool
11/24/08 8.00
Angryclowns Mother 3 Sunflowers
Photoshop Picture of a what should be a well known Scene
12/16/08 0.00
Angryclowns Mother 3 Holiday Greeting
12/22/08 0.00
Angryclowns Redone Mecha Drago
I took the sprite and basically just redid it. I plan on doing more
1/2/09 9.00
Angryclowns Little Monster
Once in a blue moon Some one has to step up and make a sick picture of Masked Man.
3/8/09 9.00


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