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Speed Gamers Mother Marathon - Mr. Saturn - by Anatotitan

Speed Gamers Mother Marathon - Mr. Saturn

A pic of Mr. Saturn wearing the pink breast cancer awareness ribbon, done for The Speed Gamers' Mother marathon. The forums seemed to get a kick out of my banner submission, so I figured to do one more Mr. Saturn drawing for the show.

Other Submissions by Anatotitan

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Anatotitan Dragon says HEY
The Dragon in Mother cracks me up. He looks like he'd just happily jabber about random topics in a goofy voice, all while he beats the tar out of you in battle.
5/20/09 10.00
Anatotitan Ultimate GRR
Just the Ultimate Chimera racing through the hallway in an attempt to maul the nearest Pigmask soldier. You know how it is.
5/16/09 8.44
Anatotitan Ego Orb is Happy
Just an Ego Orb, hangin' out, smilin'.
5/20/09 8.00
Anatotitan Save Frogs Group Photo
I love frogs, so needless to say I enjoyed all the cute little save frogs in Mother 3. Here they are at the annual save frog shindig. I hope I didn't leave any out.
5/20/09 10.00
Anatotitan Hateful Alien
Giygas sits and stews in his own hatred and rage, both loathing the human race and the fact that he still cares about two certain humans. Another piece of fanart I submitted for the Speed Gamers' Mother marathon.
5/16/09 10.00


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