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UC in TB - by Morgil

UC in TB

IT appears the Ultimate Chimera has made an appearance in the manga Tegami Bachi

Other Submissions by Morgil

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Morgil 8 Melodies Ocarina Finger Chart
A finger chart i drew up for the 8 Melodies on a 12--holed Ocarina. The website i bought the instrument from only had a notation composer for 4-holed ocarinas, so i ended up having to draw this by hand. Hopefully, it's readable.
7/27/09 0.00
Morgil Mani Mani Man
I'm taking a Photoshop class, and this picture was in with the work files on the disc that comes with the book.
12/2/09 0.00
Morgil Robot Ness
My assembled version of Soupaboy's papercraft Ness
6/12/08 0.00
Morgil UC in TB
IT appears the Ultimate Chimera has made an appearance in the manga Tegami Bachi
5/26/09 0.00
Morgil Uncle Sam Pokey
This is one of my mom's holiday decorations. I think it kinda looks like either Pokey or Picky (probably the former) in an Uncle Sam costume
6/12/08 0.00


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