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Pencil and Eraser Statues - by PKGoldenfox

Pencil and Eraser Statues

For some reason, a pencil and an eraser statue is blocking the way.

Google SketchUp...I love it yet hate it. I mean that eraser statue was god dang a killer!

Ness is one of my custom tablets for Google SketchUp.

Other Submissions by PKGoldenfox

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PKGoldenfox Mr. Saturnz
Have you ever wanted to raise your own Mr. Saturn? Now you can with the new Nintendo DS game, Mr. Saturnz! Raise Mr. Saturns, drink coffee with them, and comes with a Mr. Saturn Ladder Mini-game! Rated E for Everyone!

Based off of those Petz games for the DS. If this game was real, I'd buy it! :D

This was made in MSPaint. Took quite a while to make. I hope y'all like it :)
5/3/09 0.00
PKGoldenfox The Final Needle
He stands at the final needle, unsure if he should pull it and awaken the dragon of darkness from it's eternal sleep. The world rests on his shoulders now.
5/18/09 0.00


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