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Like Falling Stars - by mikiSPARKS

Like Falling Stars

I haven't submitted anything in a while =>. I never usually draw Mother 1 characters that much, but this idea came to me. It's so shiny. @[email protected]

Other Submissions by mikiSPARKS

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mikiSPARKS A Swimming..Kitty?
Had this in my computer since forever. I'm no expert on EB0, are the swimming cats from that game? I think I JUST remembered that they could swim on the ground too! Ahh! I'll just say this one is swimming in the fog.. I like the surprised Ninten in this one.
7/5/09 0.00
mikiSPARKS Ana Doll Wishes For A Happy Future
Like most, I had no idea that MOTHER'S anniversary was around the corner..and this is really rushed because of that. It's late too, but hey, I wanted to celebrate too.
7/29/09 0.00
mikiSPARKS Can I interest you in some Sincerity Dumplings?
My first fanart submission! If you have played Mother 3, you would have known about those molecrickets who can help you out in your journey by selling various items, especially their signature Sincerty Dumplings. Kumatora doesn't look very intrested though..
3/7/09 0.00
mikiSPARKS Freeze Meets Fire
I've always wanted to draw these two together for the longest time. I think Paula's teddy is cute! However I think I messed up on Ana..I think I drew her a bit odd..^^;
5/8/09 0.00
mikiSPARKS Human-like is hard!
"You smell like a kid. And a dog!"
Something small.
This is probably irrelevant, but I always call Boney "Duke". O_O
5/24/09 0.00


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