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Oh Mother! Ch. 8 - by DragonKazooie89

Oh Mother! Ch. 8

Taking place after the events of Mother 3, a remnant of the past ends up causing some trouble for Lucas and his friends, mainly for Duster and Kumatora. Will the friendship between the "princess" and thief degenerate or will it become something more?

The final chapter in this tale!

Other Submissions by DragonKazooie89

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DragonKazooie89 Kazootora
More Tegaki art, this time with Kumatora as Kazooie because she reminds me a lot of the bird.
6/13/09 0.00
DragonKazooie89 Spiteful Murkrow
This had to be done at one point or another. The scanner kind of ruined the coloring.
5/29/09 0.00
DragonKazooie89 Pyro Pigmask
Ever since I got Team Fortress 2, I've been having a lot of fun and wanted to mix it up with MOTHER. It works well because of what happens in chapter 1
5/29/09 9.00
DragonKazooie89 MOTHER Girls
A piece I did for the Speed Gamers MOTHER Marathon. I just wish the lines came out better...
5/24/09 0.00
DragonKazooie89 Giegue watches...
Giegue watches in the darkness of the Mothership and the the three kids make their way to the summit of Mt. Itoi. Drawn on Tegaki.
5/20/09 0.00


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