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Polluted Vermin from Beneath the Surface - by Kurtis T

Polluted Vermin from Beneath the Surface

Second try at trying to shade and color like ashencitidel or toof. Screwed up here and there, but it looks decent.

Other Submissions by Kurtis T

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Kurtis T Hold the B button...
Which anime have I been missing alot lately since Toonami got thrown off the air?
8/20/09 0.00
Kurtis T PK Star-- storm?
So cute.
8/20/09 0.00
Kurtis T Sieg Oink!
All hail the Pig King!
8/20/09 0.00
Kurtis T Slithering Slimey Slaughterer
He just wants a little nibble~
8/20/09 0.00
Kurtis T The Valiant Boy
Ness, in all his shadowy glory.
8/20/09 0.00


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