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Three Hero Plush - by mikiSPARKS

Three Hero Plush

Our three heroes in plush doll form! Kinda reminds me of another fan art of mine. I couldn't really think of a name for this..and I really need help with backgrounds. I wish I had the Lucas one. ;-;

Other Submissions by mikiSPARKS

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mikiSPARKS Can I interest you in some Sincerity Dumplings?
My first fanart submission! If you have played Mother 3, you would have known about those molecrickets who can help you out in your journey by selling various items, especially their signature Sincerty Dumplings. Kumatora doesn't look very intrested though..
3/7/09 0.00
mikiSPARKS Is it cold here? Or is it just me?
Poor Ness, it's gotten a bit too cold for him, but a PK Freezing Paula doesn't seem to mind one bit! This was done with Paint and Photoshop out of my endless boredom.
3/21/09 0.00
mikiSPARKS It's Kumatora!
The title is self explanitory. ;) This was a perspective test, but I don't think I did too good..but still, she's one of my favorite characters so..
This picture is also up in my deviantART account, so it credits both my name here as well as my name in dA.
3/28/09 0.00
mikiSPARKS The start of a new adventure..
Meh, feelin' sick today and felt like drawing this. I think I went too overboard with Photoshop..ahah. I also dunno what to call this, but it's based on the beginning of Chapter 4 (Mother 3). It's got my two most favorite chracters in the Mother yeah. ^^;
4/5/09 0.00
mikiSPARKS Freeze Meets Fire
I've always wanted to draw these two together for the longest time. I think Paula's teddy is cute! However I think I messed up on Ana..I think I drew her a bit odd..^^;
5/8/09 0.00


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